I started the Healing Hands Tour in 2018. The purpose of the Healing Hands Tour is to bring awareness to people about their vitality.

Physical and emotional health are vital to overall wellness.

I am an Entertainment Bodywork Specialist. A licensed Masseuse as well as a licensed Entertainer. I've combined the two elements and have created Entertainment Bodywork.

Health & Wellness is my life. I bring awareness and education through healthy meal preparation, physical fitness, supplement education there benefits and purpose. With over 9 years in the industry, my goal is to open up the mind and change the perspective. When people hear Sensual or Sensuality they have a tendency to associate the terms and acts in a negative way. They are at times deemed to have a negative connotation as to something that is taboo.

One must be totally in tune with their sexuality and sensuality. In this present day and age there is distortion in sexual identity and what's natural vs. what's unnatural.

To be complete, centered and grounded with yourself; grounded with your spouse, or any other person that you may connect with physically and emotionally. You need to be in tune with your sensuality.

I bring Awareness Awakening the Heart Chakra and the Root Chakra so you can be physically, spiritually and emotionally aware of them. When you become totally present and aware of your body, your three part being then you can tap into other areas of yourself that you have yet to experience.

Life is about connections, growth, and development. Seize the moment and allow me to Enhance Your Life.

"The Body Needs Touch Just Like It Needs Air to Breathe, Know Your Vitality"

       Your Sweet Escape

I offer an Unrushed Session Curtailed to Your Individual Needs. Escape From the Mundane and Experience Euphoria As I Relieve All Stressors. With the use of Various Modalities My Invigorating yet Relaxing Sensual Therapeutic Session will have You Rejuvenated, Spoiled and Pampered. Bask in the Ambiance of Pure SatisFaction with My Unmatched Skill Level in the Art of Touch. I use 100% Organic Products and offer Elite Services coupled with Exclusive Techniques and Supplies. Why Hesitate... SatisFaction Awaits, Schedule Your Sweet Escape.

80hhr - 500Hrh + Services

Supplement Education & Wellness Advisement Compilation Plan

Meal Planning/Preparation

Private Chef

Personal Mixologist

Private Curator Host Server

Print Video Media Model

Creative Director


Motivational Public Speaking

Spoken Word

Voice Over

Therapeutic/FBSM Sessions 

Swedish 60hhr/90Hr

Sound Therapy 60hhr

Aromatherapy 30hhr

Light Therapy 60hhr

FBSM+Brazilian Manscape 100hhr

Energy Therapy 80Hr

Swedish Sensual 100Hr

Hot Stone Therapy 120Hr

Craniosacral Therapy 90Hr

Deep Tissue/Sports + CBD 140Hr

Reflexology 80hhr

Trigger Point 90Hr

Chakras Alignment 120Hr

Detox Bath 80hhr

Mud Bath 80hhr

Tantric Swedish Sensual 160Hr

Brazilian Manscape or Wax 55/65

200Hr MT/FBSM/Sessions

Tantric Swedish Tie & Tease

Tantra Lingam/Yoni 3pt session

Milking Table + Edging

Body Scrub + Shower + Shiatsu

Fertility Therapy

260hhr/300Hr Specialty/Sessions


King Milking Table + Prostate


King Milking Table + BDSM 360Hr

260-400Hr Couples FBSM Sessions

Swedish Sensual



Couples Therapy

Traveling Sessions

1Hr Swedish Sensual 200

Servicing Hotels & Private Residences.

2Hr Rendezvous 500

Food, Therapy, Wine.

8Hr Retreat 1800

Spa to You Experience. Relaxation Therapy, Unplug & Unwind.

Healing Hands Tour

Modalities/Services Explained

I provide Hands on Therapy In a Spa Quality Environment. All of my Sessions are the Perfect Combination of Sensual and Therapeutic Pleasure. I do offer a 10% Discount to Repeat Clients, Active & In Active Military, as well as a Monthly Membership to Loyal Clientele.

Wellness Plan Compilation: I discover your digestive type and compile a plan suitable for your specific needs. Discover, Eliminate, Renew.

Fertility Therapy: To align and clear the Root and Sacral Chakras from any blockage that may be hindering reproductive, productive energy frequency. To be fertile, productive and prosperous in all areas of your life.

Craniosacral Therapy: Alleviates chronic headaches, migraines, sinus pressure, neck tension. Assist in balancing the central nervous system. Includes facial and acute acupressure along the body meridians.

Energy Therapy: Remove stagnant energy. Raise frequency and energy levels. Racing your vibrational levels to a higher sphere of consciousness, to heighten and enhance positive attraction. To Reach your full potential.

Milking Table: Custom designed table for extreme muscle stimulation. Improves blood circulation in men. Helps correct ED and PE. Prostate, MSOG and Edging. Concentrated Lingam Therapy.

Tantra: Celebration and connection with your sensuality. Sensual gratification through meditation, awareness of environment, movement, mindfulness, breath. Not sexual pleasure, but the enhancement of the intimacy experienced with self and others. This is a 3 part session. Each session is a graduation to the next. 

Esalen: A modality/method used to incorporate the exchange of energy into the physical benefits of massage. With the use of nurturing graceful healing long strokes. Sculpting of the musculature and stretching. Sensual Session.

BDSM: Bondage, Domination (Discipline Light/Severe), Chasity, Denial, Equipment Dungeon a full experience. 

Couples Therapy: Be in tandem with your significant other. Connect, Explore and Discover one another via New Techniques. Opening the lines of communication verbal and non verbal to be totally in tune without judgment.

Fetish/Kink: Goddess Worship, Foot, Role Play, Costumes, Showers, Ch/Ct, Toys, Humiliation....

Hybrid Sessions: Three or more sessions combined. In a duration of 60 - 90 minute intervals @ 250 - 450.

Virtual Sessions: Is a personalized experience which includes Daily Texts of Pleasantries, Affirmations & Loving Sentiments. One 10 minute Weekly Video Chat, One Personal Photo @ 100/Weekly.

Health and Wellness is my Life! Coming from a background of Holistic Healers, Pharmacist and Teachers. Traditional and Non-tradtional medical practices were practiced and perfected. Stemming from Native roots we believe in everything organic. Knowing that everything to live, strive and survive on earth is already provided all around us naturally. Our strength or weakness is contingent on how we utilize or misuse what has been given. Being physically active and exercise has always been apart of my life. To be active is to be free. A healthy mind, body and spirit is the key to an abundant prosperous life. Exposure to environments not conducive to a healthy lifestyle i.e. eating packaged foods, preserved foods, in addition to unhealthy risque living habits; Build up and cause acid reflux within the body. Some foods don't metabolize in turn resulting in inflammation in the body. This issue has been prevalent in being the driving force to find a resolution. With countless hours of study, trial and error, testing and sampling. I've comprised weight management routines, meal plans and dietary supplement wellness plans. Conquering the Gut, Centering the Chi, Grounding the Spirit. Health is wealth. An assessment to evaluate your digestive system by gathering info about your eating habits and health history is conducted in a one on one consultation to comprise a plan specific for you. What I provide:  Dietary Supplement Education, Wellness Advisement Plan, Compilation Meal Planning.


       True Quality Inimitable Experience

    Sensory Deprivation At It's Finest