Health and Wellness is my Life!

Coming from a background of Holistic Healers, Pharmacist and Teachers. Traditional and Non-tradtional medical practices were practiced and perfected. Stemming from Native roots we believe in everything organic. Knowing that everything to live, strive and survive on earth is already provided all around us naturally. Our strength or weakness is contingent on how we utilize or misuse what has been given. Being physically active and exercise has always been apart of my life. To be active is to be free. A healthy mind, body and spirit is the key to an abundant prosperous life. Exposure to environments not conducive to a healthy lifestyle i.e. eating packaged foods, processed foods, in addition to unhealthy risque living habits; Build up and cause acidosis, as well as high acidity within the body.. Some foods don't metabolize in turn, resulting in inflammation in the body.. This issue has been prevalent in being the driving force to find a resolution. With countless hours of study, trial and error, testing and sampling. I've comprised weight management routines, meal plans and dietary, supplement & wellness plans. Conquering the Gut, Centering the Chi, Grounding the Spirit. Health is wealth. An assessment to evaluate your digestive system by gathering info about your eating habits and health history is conducted in a one on one consultation to comprise a plan specific for you.

What I provide: Dietary Supplement Education, Wellness Advisement Plan, Comrehensive Compilation Meal Plans., Meal Kits and Fitness Training..